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OK so let’s put our cards on the table…

Life is too short… and you’re not getting younger. If you are not utilising your time to create wealth, freedom and happiness in your life, then you should be taking a serious look at what you can change.

Life is full of bad news, unsolvable problems and tragedy… making money is NOT one of them!

We are in an age of almost endless possibilities – the digital Wild West.

My Mission for 2015 is to team up with REAL Businesses and help them become something much bigger than they are today.

If you’re a business anywhere in the world who wants to evolve and grow their sales, digital presence, do something new and crazy, or turn their little deli shop in to the most renowned sandwich shop in the western spiral arm of the galaxy, then you need to check my skills and story.

If my skills and your requirements match, then we should already be on the phone.

I want people who can make optimum use of my skills for our Maximum Mutual Advantage (MMA). [I Just coined a new marketing acronym ] to come to me and say this:

“Hi Jamie, I was looking at your site, your background and some of your projects and I really think we can team up and send my business to the next level”

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Jamie Mather




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Jamie Mather

My Story!

My Story!

I started by building my own IT consultancy and development house back at the end of the last century (circa 1997). Our team developed websites, software, and predominantly online sales systems for local and international clients. We used these sales systems to generate substantial reviews for our client, yielding over 100 Million USD from 1 Shopping system.

So, quite pleased with myself and acting all cocky, I went on to found my own Online Sales Company in… wait for it… Russia! I arrived armed to the teeth with naivety and an over inflated sense of self-importance (along with a love of Vodka), all of which was required to mask my total fear doing millions of dollars of business in the alien territory of Russia. I went on to build a multi-million dollar company across Russia and former Soviet states.

My role was to build an international team, develop new products, and setup the marketing, website, technology, logistics, payment processing, customer service teams, sales and promotion plans. However, none of this even came close to the excitement of being escorted by the police and my bodyguards through the service lanes of the Moscow road system on the way to Luzhniki Stadium, where I was to speak to 6000 of my Sales Reps in a 2 Day Training and Motivation extravaganza (cue Stage Explosions and Fire Eaters).

Over years of building that business and speaking at many events it became not just second nature but an exciting opportunity to travel, present on stage and meet some of the most interesting/crazy people in my life. The most beautiful of which was my Co-Presenter and Translator Liubov, who I proposed to live on Stage (which she had to translate incidentally).

Upon the arrival of my little boy I stepped out of the fast paced world of Russian Multi Level Sales and Corporate Intrigue to live a slower paced family life on the Mediterranean Island of Malta, focusing on personal development, family travel, consultancy and property; leaving me time to put together my future projects, make new friends, pursue new skills and build towards the future. Now my 2 children are at an age where my example is to show them making a living is about fun, doing what you are passionate about and creating the lifestyle that you want rather than that which society has planned for you.

Concentrating my efforts on digital marketing, training, consultancy, and anything that pays well for helping others achieve their goals for the future is where it’s at right now.

Marketing is all about results – you don’t get to claim yourself to be a guru, you have to prove it by understanding the desires and needs of the market and matching that with the latest available channels. The results are measurable by sales and the goodwill, loyalty, and longevity of the customers. Today for me this mostly orbits Facebook, the most evil and amazing targeted marketing platform that has ever existed.

I admire Jamie’s set of skills that include IT, traditional and online marketing, administrative experience and overall great business-vision. His ideas are spot-on and with his advice I’m sure any business can see greatly improved results in the form of more and better clients and higher sales.

Andrew Birch, CEO, Binary Consultants

Jamie Mather

So what am I doing Now?

Check out my latest Projects and plans in action. Nothing is ever finished, there is always more to do, to add and to improve. But in this instant it looks like this…

Social Media Buzz

A Social Media Authority website and online magazine, full of social media tips, advice, articles, news, reviews, training and tools to help anyone build their social media understanding and presence.

This site will grow to contain training, videos, business and marketing advice. Strong and sincere reviews of productivity tools will give you a chance to see what can save you time and make you money.

Facebook Marketing Machine

One day specially formulated Training Seminar aimed at UK SME Businesses.

I’m going to take a room full of people from messing with Facebook to being able to research their demographic, design and run super targeted adverts, test and measure results, learn a few tricks and tips, and get new customers through the door for the cheapest price possible.

I want to help 500 Companies this year to master the art of new customers.

Binary Consultants

In association with some of my best friends and quite frankly some of the most technically and commercially astute people you are every likely to meet. Binary Consultants is a premier Microsoft Dynamics AX consultancy and VAR. Working with family run business to corporate clients, we analyse and implement some of the fastest most impressive ERP solution rollouts that strike fear in to the hearts of the big consultancy brands.

Online Marketing Buzz

This is my digital and Offline Marketing and Development Company. Here I take on clients that I feel my team can help the most. A combination of analysis, research, development and auctioning sites, marketing and sales funnels, email marketing campaigns, online advertising, and staff training.

A-Z Business Setup and Marketing if you will. (yep you’re on it now)

My Personal Consultancy site, where I’m happy to look at any crazy idea anyone has. I like to help people. If there is a way I can apply my knowledge to help your business double, triple or even realize ten times its profits, then I’d like to help do that. Let’s talk.

What Can I do for you?

  • Get on a plane and fly anywhere in the world.
  • Stand in front of 10,000 people and tell them what I think.
  • Represent your company in any deal you need to close.
  • Design your IT infrastructure.
  • Build your digital marketing strategy.
  • Cast my experience over your ideas and shine new perspectives on your plans.
  • Do anything that challenges me.
  • Take your business and connect it to the right people in the right places.
  • Tell you to take a hike if your company does harm and not good.

Because I am surrounded by professionals, experts, contacts and FRIENDS that are some of the best on the planet.