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I am a…


Marketing consultation

Online Marketing Consultant

Talk to me to develop a high return online marketing strategy

Stage Speaker

I speak on International Business, Motivation, Multi-Level Sales, Business Stories, and Online Business



I teach Online Marketing, MLM, Facebook Advertising, and Business

A Business Partner

Business Partner

I’m always looking for good business to partner up with and make bigger and better

An Event Creator

Event Creator

Maximum impact, minimum stress! Events focused on Online Marketing, MLM, Facebook Advertising, and Business


Business Consultant

I can identify the 3 most effective ways to bring you more sales, clients and overall success

Demand more for less! I’d like to teach your business how to use
Facebook Advertising to get maximum results
with minimum spending.

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I love this stuff! I’m here to make money, friends and get the best experiences,
all while having fun and loving my beautiful family.  Life’s too short for anything else.


Jamie Mather Live Events

Over the years I have done many LIVE events including massive ones in Russia for my own company, MIG, a Russian Direct Sales Company with Nutrition and Skincare Products. I have organised and participated in numerous smaller events including VIP Trainings, Mastermind Groups, and countless Guest Slots.

Other event countries include Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, UK and Malta.

47 Seconds video – Jamie in action!

After years of events and experiences, we’ve somehow managed to compile 47 seconds of half decent show footage of my Events.
Luzhniki Moscow, Radisson Moscow, Moscow City, Rostov, Orenburg, Ekaterynburg and Samara.


Don’t listen to what I’m saying about myself I could be making it all up!
Listen to these credible people instead.

Jamie Mather is a total dude, when we sit round the table, his long term experience mixed with up to date online marketing knowledge brings life, reality, and action to any plans we have.  Seriously you should talk to this guy.

Brandee Sweesy (known as the queen of google hangouts)


I’ve worked with Jamie on lots of projects over the last 14 years and his mixture or technical, marketing, and general business know-how and perspective has been instrumental in making some projects fly when they otherwise would have probably failed!

Prashant Patel Owner, Daddy Marketing

Should we be speaking?
Jamie Mather can help you if you…

  • Have a company and want to explore its greater online marketing potential
  • Want to empower your staff to build your marketing using online technologies
  • Want to get a consultation on your business and see what improvements can be made
  • Would like a marketing equity partner to take your idea to the next level
  • Would like to have a Guest Speaker at your Event and think I may know more than your audience about the subject
  • Would like to attend a live training event I am speaking at
  • Want more clients or better clients
  • Want to open the door and explore